If you are reading this you are a survivor in a world in ruins.

An unknown infection turned humans into aggressive and deadly creatures. Electric, informatic and net infrastructures are down.

This site exists thanks to an old abandoned satellite governative net. If you’re lucky enough to find a smartphone, this site is the only thing it’ll connect to once hooked to the signal.

Our only hope to survive is to stay connected and share informations about the infection. Submit your experiences to help other survivors face the emergency and keep track of the infection all over the world.

Every time a user submit a new post, the world map is updated with a new outbreak spot in his/her city.

In this way, we can check how far the infection is going and which cities are in trouble.

This website is the last bulwark of the human race. Try to connect as often as you can and share the most with other survivors.


United we stand.

– D.